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A Day…or Six…Late

Back at the end of October, Katie and Sherry made a “pinteresting” announcement. (Yes, I know it’s weird that I referred to Katie and Sherry as just Katie and Sherry like we’re old sorority sisters or something. I guess when you’ve read someone’s blog for a while you begin to feel like you know them […]

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Gilded Pumpkins

If it’s true that my love of the color red somehow influenced my choice of universities then it follows that I subconsciously shied away from certain other institutions of higher learning. I’m not a big fan of anything orange. Not the color, not the fruit, not the juice, not the sherbet. And my lack of […]

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Fall Decor on a Couple o’ Dimes: Table Linens on the Cheap

I love fall. I love it when the Hades-like temperatures of a southern summer disappear and the morning air becomes crisp and clean. I love it when the trees swap out their summer garb for richer autumn hues and textures. I love fallen leaves crunching beneath my feet. None of that has happened here yet, […]

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