All Aboard!!!

When it comes to setting lofty goals and then failing miserably at achieving them, I’m world renowned. Okay…maybe not world renowned, but certainly friends and family renowned.

Maybe I over estimate my abilities, maybe I under utilize the few I actually possess. Whatever the reason, this falling flat on my face is a recurrent theme.

So yesterday when I looked back at the resolutions I made this time last year, my typical lack of progress shouldn’t have made me want to stab myself with a Bic pen.

But it did.

Lucky me…I couldn’t find one.

So much for all my cleaner, more organized and more efficient goals.

Admittedly a lot happened last year…things I hadn’t planned for.

I hadn’t planned for my mom to be diagnosed with Stage III cancer. I hadn’t planned to pack a large part of my life into a box labeled “Limbo” so that I could help care for her.

But even if that situation hadn’t occurred, chances are exceptionally good that I’d still be staring at the back side of 2011 wondering how I accomplished so little.

To make my humiliation complete, not only did I fail to realize my new goals for 2011, but areas of my life previously well managed went largely ignored…the most painful spot being our finances.

When it comes to money, I jokingly say we’re so broke we can’t afford the “or” in “poor”…we’re just po’. That’s not exactly accurate because we do alright when we’re careful. Very very careful.

But last year I went and fell out of our Dave Ramsey money train, and today we find ourselves starting over. We’re not back at square one, but we’re definitely not where we should be, where our initial path would have led us.

When it became obvious that I’d done more than miss my boarding call, I re-implemented some tools that worked for us the first time around, and I put some new tools into place that I’m really really excited about. I mean like nearly peeing down my leg excited. I’m looking forward to this journey, and you can be sure I’ll be sharing the scenic, and the not-so-scenic, stops along the way.

So if you find yourself caught at a railroad crossing and you see a passenger train flying by with some woman’s legs dangling out a window…don’t worry. That’s just me…climbing back on board.

And yeah…it’s just as scary as it looks, but twice as easy as you’d think.



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