Staring at Tables and Dreaming

I’m pleased to report the polyurethane is drying.

S   L   O   W   L   Y.

Slowly Drying Polyurethane

The top is no longer tacky, but the edges still are. I’m hoping they got a heavier load of poly thanks to my lack of skill and experience, and that their still tacky state isn’t a foreshadowing of stripping and/or furniture shopping over the upcoming weekend.

Next time I’ll try the wipe on stuff.

Minwax Wipe On Poly

If I ever get this brave (or stupid) again.

Oh…who am I kidding? I’ve yet to learn from bad experience, and I probably won’t start now.

I really need for those edges to dry. Reason #1…so The Hubster will quit looking at the table and then at me and then at the table and then at me. Reason #2…so the kids won’t have to eat too many more dinners on card tables in the living room…it makes me nervous. Reason #3…so I can get on with this project and finish the apron and the base.

I’ve been stalking tables on Pinterest and have found more than a few I’d like to steal copy for my own.

Marian's Table at missmustardseed dot com (Image Via)

In reality I’m not into the chippy, distressed looked, but the details on Miss Mustard Seed’s dining room table make me goo “ooh” and make me wish I would grow up and mature into the kind of person who was into the chippy, distressed look.

 Table from definingdesigns dot blogspot dot com(Image Via)

Lately I’m in adoration of dark wood table tops paired with creamily painted bases, and so it’s no surprise that this table and chairs re-fab at definingdesign caught my attention.

McKenzie 7-pc Dining Set from Overstock dot com(Image Via)

The curves of these chairs make me swoon. They also make me wish that this set was in stock and that I had nine hundred bucks just lying around in the checking account.

Avalon-Vintner 7-pc Dining Set from crateandbarrel dot com(Image Via)

Crate and Barrel how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. I love thee for your hand-rubbed X-back chairs but want them in cream, not white.

Dining Set from ballarddesigns dot com(Image Via)

This picture makes me wonder where the other chair has wandered off to, but the mix of wicker seating with the bench gives me goose bumps.

I’d love to have a bench in my own dining space, but I can imagine the shoving and elbowing and whining that would go on.  (Mom! Jake’s hogging the seat! Mom! Jordan dropped a pea on me! Mom! Jake’s arm is in my space! Mom, Jordan touched my bread!)  Just thinking about it gives me a headache and the urge to send them to their rooms.


The time spent stalking admiring the tables and chairs of others while waiting for poly to dry may have actually been a good thing.

I’d originally thought I’d paint the apron and base of my table with a semi-gloss paint I have on hand, but now I’m thinking that the sheen of the gloss will look odd against the satiny table top finish. Now I’m thinking that milk paint might be a more appropriate choice.

Not that I know a thing about milk paint. Not that I’ve ever used it. But heck…since I’ve waded in up to my waist, what’s a little water on my neck?

Yeah…I definitely deserve the looks The Hubster’s been giving me.




Dark-Walnut-Stain-on-Dining-Room-Table-FIA Quick Thanksgiving Project…Well…Sorta Conflicting Advice…aka…How Not To Poly A Table

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