Easy and Personal Found Letter Art

Every once in a while I get a brilliant idea. A blue moon rises or lightning strikes or something, and bam! There it is.

And when those odd occasions occur and I excitedly share my brilliant idea with The Hubster, he’s either on board immediately or he gives me “the look”…the one that involves an ever-so-slight tilt of the head as he tries, in a non-obvious way, to see if my brain matter is leaking out through one my ears.

This week I got “the look”.

We were discussing what might be an appropriate gift for an upcoming wedding we were planning to attend. The conversation went something like this…

  • HUB:   What are we going to get Brian and Gina for their wedding?
  • ME:      I’m going to order them a framed copy of their last name and wedding date done in found letter art.
  • HUB:   What?
  • ME:      (speaking more loudly)I’m going to order them a framed copy of their last name…
  • HUB:   (interrupting)I heard you the first time. What is found letter art?
  • ME:      Ooh…it’s the coolest thing. It’s letters that aren’t really letters…
  • HUB:   (interrupting again…he’s bad for that) Letters that aren’t really letters?
  • ME:      Yeah…it’s photographs taken of things that aren’t letters but that look like letters.
  • HUB:   (gives me “the look”)
  • ME:      Trust me.
  • HUB:   (gives me “the look” again)
  • ME:      It’s going to be beautiful.

And it probably would have been…if I’d ordered it in time for it to arrive before the wedding.

But I didn’t.

So this week I ended up searching the internet for downloadable found letter art that I could Photoshop myself and get printed and framed quickly. After much searching I found buyalphabet.com that offers a gorgeous and, most importantly, downloadable package for a super reasonable price.

Framed Alphabet Photography from buyalphabetphotos dot com (Image Via)

Unfortunately their collection offered no numbers. I really wanted numbers. Well…I wanted one number. An eleven. My friends were getting married on 11-11-11. (How cool is that?).

And that’s when lightning struck a second time.

As I thought about the number eleven I realized that black piano keys look like number ones. C# and D# together look like the number eleven. There was a piano at my church. My soon-to-be-married friend just happens to play the piano at my church. His bride-to-be (also a friend) attends the church, and their wedding was going to take place at the church. I grabbed my camera and my key ring (which just happened to hold a key to the church), and high-tailed it over there.

When I walked into the fellowship hall I saw that it had already been decorated for the reception. Score! Score, score, score!!! I was nearly crowing with delight until I realized I wasn’t alone in the church.

Nope, the nervous bride-to-be was there, prepping some last minute details.

When she asked what I was doing there, I had to come up with some lame excuse about a scavenger hunt I was doing for my AWANA group on Sunday night, because I couldn’t bring myself to say, “I’m here taking pictures for a gift for your wedding which is going to occur in about…uhhh…nine hours.”

So I wandered through the church I’ve attended for almost twelve years…the church where The Hubster and I were married. And I looked at it with fresh eyes, searching for details that hadn’t registered with me in a long time…if ever.

How had I not noticed that ends of the pews looked like letter J’s? Or that the metal work in the light fixture hanging in the vestibule looked like a letter K? Or that exterior metal railings were S’s? Or that the stained glass had not only letter N’s but also number 11’s?

After a little over an hour I had about fifty photos so I headed home, uploaded them into Photoshop, did some cropping, used Pioneer Woman’s Photoshop actions to convert them to black and white, and after another hour I had this….Brian-and-Gina Ten minutes and a couple of tweaks later, I’d changed it up a bit…Brian-and-Gina2 The hardest part of this project was deciding which version I preferred. (I’ll let you decide which one you think I picked.)

I just hope they like it.

If you’d like to do something like this but don’t think you can, let me say…yes, yes you can. You don’t need a high-end camera or high-end software. I’m the world’s worst photographer (okay…maybe not the worst, but I’m definitely in the bottom ten), and though I’ve got a Photoshop, I barely know how to use it.

I’ll be back this week sharing some tips I picked up, some tutorials I found, and some links so that you can create something easy, personal and beautiful for yourself or someone you care about.

Until then…enjoy the weekend!


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