T-Day Accountability Project – Part II

So I had this crazy idea. (Don’t think I didn’t hear you groan. Don’t think I didn’t see your eyes roll. I did.)

I thought that if I posted a list of commitments I’ve made to prepare our home for Thanksgiving Day and made myself post each day about my progress I’d be more likely to do what I’d committed to do.

Uhh…not so much.

I am making progress. It’s just not the big lofty progress I’d intended. Thanksgiving dinner at Cracker Barrel is sounding better and better to me.

So here’s a list of all that I did and didn’t manage to do yesterday.

I will spend 15 minutes decluttering each of room of my messy and chaotic house.

Eleven rooms of my messy and chaotic house remain untouched. I did however make some progress in the kitchen.

  • windows washed, mini blinds cleaned, valences washed and rehung…yeah, washing the windows was not the smartest use of my limited time…we’re not eating dinner here until 6 pm and by that time it will be well after dark and I’ll have lowered the blinds (heaven forbid my someone should be able to watch us eat!), but once I washed the valences and cleaned the blinds I couldn’t stop myself…it was like my body had been invaded by the spirit of a good housekeeper
  • the junkiest junk drawer of all time has been emptied to make a home for kitchen do-dads Junk-Drawer
  • cabinet decluttered (for the most part) and organized
  • Kitchen-Cabinet

I will calendar a day to clean out the fridge, the freezer, and scour the oven. I will perform those tasks on the day I calendar them.

The freezer and fridge clean-outs still haven’t been calendared, but Plan B was embarked upon last night. The oven cleaning method of last resort…the nasty and toxic spray foam oven cleaner. I waited until everyone had gone to bed, opened my freshly sparkling kitchen windows, turned on the exhaust fan and put a box fan in the window closest to the oven  to pull the noxious cloud out of the house. Several rounds scrubbing with baking soda or more Astonish probably would have rid the my oven of its burned-on blemishes, but I knew it wasn’t likely that I’d attack this dreaded chore again and again and again.


Okay…so it’s not perfect. The old element burned out about a year ago and caused that big spot in the right back corner, and I’ve yet to figure out a way to remove it. Same goes for the spots on the rack supports. But considering that this appliance is old enough to walk into any bar in the nation and get served, it’s close enough to fine.

I will get sufficient rest every night.

Unlike Tuesday night, I did make it into my jammies last night. However, thanks to my toxic date with my oven and my physical need to catch up with the last couple episodes of “Castle”, those jammies didn’t meet the sheets until after nearly 2 again. So far I’m not feeling any ill effects, but if anybody needs their beauty rest, it’s me.

I will let go of my vision of a “perfect” holiday, or a “perfect” table setting, or a “perfect” meal.

Letting go of my “perfect” vision hasn’t thwarted my pinning of other people’s visions. The only difference between my vision and theirs? They spend less time oogling and more time creating; therefore, their visions become reality.

I will work to maintain an attitude of gratitude.

Easy peasy…well…easy peasy for most of the day. I’m grateful I have two hands to clean and two knees that allow me to get down on the floor andback up…even though up takes a lot more time and isn’t nearly as graceful as down (not that down’s all that graceful either).

So what do you have to be grateful for today?


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