T-Day Accountability Project – Part 1

On Monday I shared my list of Thanksgiving preparation commitments, and as part of my accountability pledge, I thought I’d share what progress I did or did not make on yesterday.

I will spend 15 minutes decluttering each of room of my messy and chaotic house.

Uhhh…that so did not happen. Of the 12 spaces that require cleaning and decluttering, I attacked exactly…drum roll please…zero. Yeah, seriously. Zero. I’m beyond pathetic, and if I hadn’t been successful at item #4 (see below) I’d insist that we eat Thanksgiving dinner at the Cracker Barrel.

I will calendar a day to clean out the fridge, the freezer, and scour the oven. I will perform those tasks on the day I calendar them.

Well, I haven’t calendared these to-do’s, but I did scour the inside of the oven with Astonish. Love love love that stuff.  There are quite a few places where my elbow grease isn’t sufficient to remove the blackened and baked-on stuff, so I’ll be moving on to Plan B. Oven-Improved

I will get sufficient rest every night. 

If I’m allowed to define “sufficient rest” as falling asleep on the couch fully clothed around 2 a.m. then I met this goal.

I will let go of my vision of a “perfect” holiday, or a “perfect” table setting, or a “perfect” meal. 

Score!!! Today I came to the conclusion that even if the dirty laundry is falling out of the laundry room and there’s enough dust to write the Declaration of Independence in, the whole point of the family gathering together is to celebrate and give thanks. A spotless house is not a required item. (Note: This does not mean I’m not going to try to clean this place, it just means I won’t spaz if it doesn’t happen.)

I will work to maintain an attitude of gratitude. 

Yesterday I took my mom to her daily radiation treatment. Each day she handles the challenges of her illness with  grace and dignity and strength. Her fortitude reminds me that each day “we are all faced with a series of great opportunities brilliantly disguised as impossible situations.” (Charles R. Swindoll). Just being with my mom makes it easy for me to check this one off the list…every day.


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