A Day…or Six…Late

Back at the end of October, Katie and Sherry made a “pinteresting” announcement.


(Yes, I know it’s weird that I referred to Katie and Sherry as just Katie and Sherry like we’re old sorority sisters or something. I guess when you’ve read someone’s blog for a while you begin to feel like you know them a little and start referring to them like…well…like they’re old sorority sisters or something.)


I’d thought I’d join the challenge this time around. (Note the use of the word “thought”.)

And to my credit, I did get started on a couple of projects. I just didn’t get them finished before the November 2 deadline.

That’s me…a day late. Or six days. But better late than never, right?


Back to the story…

Some time ago I pinned a couple of fall decor items. The first was a wreath of leaves, pinecones and berries…

Pinterest Fall Wreath (Image Via)

…and the second was an easy door basket.

Pinterest Fall Door Basket (Image Via)

And here’s my interpretation of these lovely creations…



Both of these projects were inexpensive to do…mainly because I’m a hoarder packrat thrifty and frugal saver. The 18” grapevine wreath was originally full price at Michael’s, but I used a 40% off coupon. The leaves, berries, and pinecones came from my floral stash or from other fall decor I no longer cared for and didn’t mind tearing down.  The basket came from The Dollar Tree where “everything’s a dollar” (holla!), and the leaves and berries and tiny pumpkins were also dragged out of the stash and other fall decor.

So whadda think? Did I do my inspiration pieces justice?

I’m pleased to have a bit more decor complete as I try to get my pre-Thanksgiving tizzy under control, and I’ve got a few more commitments to fulfill today as I work toward being ready for the big feast.



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