From Crap in the Kitchen to Decorative Bottle for Laundry Detergent

Don’t say I didn’t warn ya‘.

‘Cuz I did.

I’m back with more crap.

After digging around in my kitchen cabinets I found this…

…an old oil/vinegar bottle that once sat in my kitchen window and held dish soap. When I got bored and traded it out, I was unable to toss it in the trash. The thrifty and frugal voice in my head promised I’d find another use for it. That was two years ago. Maybe three. (Okay okay!!! Four!!! But that’s my final offer!)

Today that dust-gathering example of my hoarding tendencies has been reborn as a display-worthy decorative bottle for my laundry room.

DIY Decorative Bottle for Laundry Detergent

Yeah…it does look kinda Halloween-y, like it’d be comfortable sandwiched between a bowl of bloody punch and a tray of eyeball eggs. I was going for vintage but wound up with gothic. The recent in-every-store appearance of costumes and candy has obviously invaded my subconscious.

I’m hoping that the decorative labels I’m planning for my detergent canisters will take it from All Hallow’s Eve decor to every day laundry room accessory. Even if it doesn’t manage to shake it’s goth vibe, it’s still way more way more attractive than this…

So if you’re planning a Halloween party or looking for that eerily perfect decorative bottle for laundry detergent, this is project is fast, easy, and cheap, ‘cuz chances are you’ve got most of the stuff you need hanging around the house.

  1. Glass Bottle
  2. Scrapbook Paper
  3. Ribbon
  4. Scissors or Paper Trimmer
  5. Wax Paper
  6. Mod Podge and Brush
  7. Brayer (a rolling pin will also work)
  8. Spray Glass Frosting (optional)
  9. Matte Acrylic Sealer (you can also use glossy if you prefer)
  10. Painters Tape (not pictured above)
  11. Label for Bottle (also not pictured above)

(I know it’s annoying that I didn’t put those last two items in the photo collage above. I’m s l o w l y creating collage templates for this blog, and I just haven’t gotten around to the one for twelve photos yet. Maybe I’ll Google “twelve photo collage template” after I finish this post. I’m sure someone out in Blog Land has shared one.)

One word about my label. I found some awesome printable vintage-style labels here, but unfortunately they didn’t fit my bottle. I did, however, take the liberty of downloading them, opening them in Photoshop, and selecting one to tweak for my purposes. My label needed to be about 1 1/2″ wide by about 3″ tall. If you’d like to download my label, you can grab it here.

I wasn’t sure I could apply a clear coat over glass frosting spray without somehow “undoing” the frosting. I Googled “can you apply polyurethane over glass frosting spray” came up with nothing, nada, zilch, zip.

I know! I know! It blew me away, too, but I still heart Google.

After some inner debate I told myself “nothing ventured, nothing gained” and just went for it. When it worked I felt like a kid on Christmas morning. Yes, Charlotte, you can spray acrylic sealer over glass frosting spray.

So there you have it…a quick and easy decorative bottle for laundry detergent, or spot remover, or bloody beverages for your Halloween party.


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