From Crap in the Craft Stash to Cute Laundry Room Artwork

You already know I’m a hoarder packrat thrifty and frugal saver. That means I have lots of places crammed with lots of stuff. Stuff I’m going to use.


And rarely occasionally my brain does something other than keep my skull from collapsing. It comes up with an idea. Rarely Sometimes it’s even a good idea.

After spending a little time trying to accessorize my new laundry room shelf and grabbing all sorts of items from random places in the house, I happened upon this plain and unadorned frame I’ve had for about…oh…a bazillion years.

Unfinished Wooden Frame From Michaels Craft Store

I’ve had it so long I don’t remember when I got it or why.

But I’m glad I stumbled across it. Because that plain wooden frame is now an adorable sign that fits perfectly on my new laundry room shelf.

Easy DIY art laundry room signBooyah!!!

(Can you tell I’m really really happy right at this moment?)

In the history of projects, this one goes down as super easy and quick (if you don’t include waiting for paint and Modge Podge to dry), and best of all…it was free!!!  Yes yes!!! FAH-REE!!! I had all the stuff I needed to complete this project on hand, and chances are (if you’re a hoarder packrat crafty DIYer) you do, too.

Supplies Needed to Make Your Own Laundry Room Sign

  1. Plain wood frame (a scrap piece of lumber or MDF would work just as well)
  2. DIY artwork (if you like mine you can download a pdf here)
  3. Modge Podge
  4. Foam brush
  5. Spray paint
  6. Matte acrylic sealer

You’ll also need a pair of scissors or a paper cutter to trim your artwork to size, and you might need a very small piece of cardboard or foam board (but only if you’re paranoid like me…refer to Step 6 of my tutorial).

Before we continue, I have to share a few things about my artwork. First off, that amazing word art comes courtesy of word art designer extraordinaire, Bethany Harty, over at She’s got a TON of great stuff you can download for FREE! I love love love her creations. Second, the lovely background is a piece of scrapbook paper from my frighteningly large stash. I wish I could tell you who designed or produced it, but I can’t. I imported it into Photoshop via my scanner, dropped Bethany’s word art on top, tweaked the color of the word art a bit, and voila! Easy peasy done on the cheap art.

Oh…one more quick note about my printed art. I have an inkjet printer and when printing on regular paper I don’t always get the crispest letters or brightest colors. When printing this project I used a sheet of glossy brochure paper. It really locks in the ink and gives great color and crispness.

I hope that all the rest of the ideas I’ve got for cute and functional accessories go even half as well as this one did. I plan to share those as I create them, and I’ve got a tutorial for the FAH-REE laundry room shelf I beef-up and prettied-up yesterday half way done as we speak.

Expect more crap to cute in the coming days. Cuz if there’s one thing I’ve got plenty of…it’s crap.



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