The Blind Leading the Blonde

I suck at scheduling. I suck at planning. I suck at organization. I don’t possess whatever gene encodes for those skills.

And I’ve passed my faulty DNA on to my children.  On the way to school this morning my 10 year old asked me if I had a pencil in my purse. He’d forgotten to put one in his binder.

Yeah…right, dude. Your mom was lucky to have her purse, much less have a purse that contained a pencil or pen.

If all the books I’ve read are correct, organizational skills can be learned. So there’s hope for my kids. Unfortunately if it’s up to me to teach them this subject…well, to quote a U2 lyric…it’s like the blind leading the blonde.

But I’ve got try something. This fly-by-the-seat-of-our-pants stuff ain’t getting it.

So I surfed the web for some suggestions, looking for charts or schedules or something to give me an idea of how better to manage our afternoons and evenings.

It didn’t take me long to realize that what we needed wasn’t out there…not in the “this is what you need to do” sort of way. Time and time again I read “Make it fit your style”.

Okay…my style is “whatever” and “go with the flow” which we already know isn’t working. So we need a little less flexibility and a little more structure. So I thought about car pool times and homework time and time for me to check out what they’ve brought home from school. I thought about dinner time and chore time and the free time they need (not the time they want, cuz if it was up to them all the time would be free time).

After all the thinking I put together a schedule. And I printed it out. And it was about as visually exciting and appealing as dry toast.

So I surfed some more.

And I found this cute cute chore chart that I thought could be modified to suit my needs…only one problem. The site where it originated is no longer accessible, and therefore the download wasn’t either.

Time to play my favorite toy of all…Photoshop.

Finally I arrived at these….

I also created some fill-in the blank pdf files for use…just in case we need to do some tweaking of these schedules and I can’t find ten minutes to sit down at the computer and revise them right away.

You can download them for your use as well. Just click on the pdf image you’d like to download and you’ll be redirected to a site where you can grab ’em for yourself.

Hope you find them useful.

Shoot…I hope I find them useful.


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