I disappeared on ya’ last week, didn’t I? I didn’t call. I didn’t write. I didn’t let ya’ know we were running away.

With the first day of school hanging over our heads and the bumpy beginnings of what we expect to be the roller coaster ride of Mom’s health issues, we needed to get away.

If only for a few days.

My sister and her amazingly patient husband did, too.

We needed a little time to play in the waves…

…and learn some new skills.

The good news about the skimming experience is we’ve finally managed to get all the sand out of our teeth, and nobody broke anything. The bruises will heal. Eventually.

We needed a little time to play in the sand…

…and hang out with our favorite mermaid…

…and soak up some sun.

We needed some time to play in the pool…

…and time for The Hubster to try snorkeling.

Ya’ need some goggles, babe.

But not those goggles.

We needed some time to laugh with him when he realized snorkeling freaked him out….

…but that his ten-year old could do it.


We needed some time to soak in the hot tub.

And yes, that devilish look The Hubster has while holding our five-year old is extremely creepy if you don’t know that he was suggesting he and I come back to the hot tub later.


(We didn’t. Not because I didn’t want to. I just wanted to not end up in a South Carolina jail more.)

We needed some time to enjoy a few amusement park rides…

…and to get a bunny balloon from Ha Ha The Clown.

We needed some time to take a ride on a really big boat…

…and time for Jordan to get bored and decide she needed to find the captain so she could tell him to turn the boat around and hurry back to the dock.

We needed some time to see a few dolphins…

…and see the shore from a totally different vantage point…

…and admire the vast expanse of sea and sky.

And we needed time to realize that even if the impending first day of school wasn’t pulling us westward, the impending arrival of Irene would push us in that direction.

Basically we just needed some time.

And I’m so grateful we had it.

I hope you’ve taken some time. For yourself. For those you love. For the things you love.

It’s in short supply and too valuable to be wasted.


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