The 10-Day Wait

It’s official.

I am now the parent of two school aged children. (And my BFF is now the parent of a high-schooler which makes her WAAAAY older than me, I don’t care what her birth certificate says.)

Yesterday Jordan and I headed over the elementary school for her first day.

I guess it’s her first day.

We were there for two whole hours.

Yep. Two hours.

Our school system is frightfully slow about getting kindergartners into their classrooms and developing a school day routine. Basically it works like this…

Thursday, August 25th…First Day of School – All children report for school…well…all children in first through twelfth grade. Kindergartners don’t attend at all on this day.

Friday, August 26th and Monday, August 29th…Second & Third Days of School – Incoming kindergartners and their parents report in small groups for student assessment and parent orientation. This takes about two hours.

Tuesday, August 30th…Fourth Day of School – Teachers receive their kindergarten rosters and begin contacting parents to schedule parent-teacher conferences.

Wednesday, August 31st through Friday, September 2nd…Fifth though Seventh Day of School – Parents and teachers meet

Monday, September 5 – Labor Day Holiday

Tuesday, September 6…Eighth Day of School – Half of the kindergartners report to their classrooms for their first full day of school

Wednesday, September 7…Ninth Day of School – The other half of the kindergartners report to their classrooms for their first full day of school

Thursday, September 8…Tenth Day of School – All the kindergartners report for school.

Like I said…painfully slow.

I’m sure there’s a logical reason for this painfully slow process. I’m just not sure what that reason is.

As promised, she let me take pictures. (Unlike her brother, Jordan remains in the will.) I didn’t get carried away. I’m saving my trigger finger for the first official day…September 6. Or 7th. Depending on which half she’s in.

Or maybe I’m saving it for the 8th?

Crap. I’m not sure when the “real” first day of kindergarten is.

I hate this system.


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