Good Morning, Irene!!!

What a difference a day makes.

Yesterday evening the kids and I were entranced by this beautiful sky…

…as we drove home from my parents’ house. (Don’t worry, I pulled off the road in order to take that photo…no drive-by’s for me.)

This morning we woke up to this…

…which means I’ll be spending my Saturday trapped in the house with two restless kids and one even more restless husband.

I’m considering spiking my morning coffee. Heavily.

The children have been up for about thirty seconds and are already into their Groucho/Whino routine. “Mom, she touched me!” “Mom, he looked at me.” “Mom, she breathed on me!” “Mom, he had the audacity to stand within nine hundred feet of my person!”

(Okay, so that last one was just my imagination, but I expect it’ll be said at some point before Jacob leaves for college.)

We’re not getting beaten like the coastal areas, but we’re getting tropical storm force gusts at regular intervals. The windows and doors groan with each gust, and I’ve heard what I assume are tree limbs hitting the roof. I expect that at some point we’ll lose power, and prior hurricane experience tells me if that happens we’ll be without juice for several days. Hurricane Fran (which happened back in the days before I even knew The Hubster existed) left this area without power for nine days. It also downed 83 trees on this six acres we call home and cleared the land that now houses our fishing pond.

I guess every cloud really does have a silver lining.

We’re as prepared for whatever may come as we can be. We’ve got propane to operate the gas grills and charcoal. I filled four coolers with water to flush toilets (no city water here), and we’ve got gallons of water and baby wipes to keep the stink down. We’ve got canned goods and bottled water and plenty of Cokes. The vehicles and the gas cans have been fueled, and The Hubster made sure the generator would crank. We put away all the patio and outdoor furniture and secured everything that we thought could become flying debris in the event this storm spawns tornadoes. I have vodka in the cabinet.

I also made sure my parents are storm ready. Jordan and I picked up Jacob after school and made the forty five minute drive to their place. Generator…check. Fuel…check. Extension cords…check. Fans…check. Canned goods…check. Water for washing and drinking…check. Flashlights…check. Fully charged cell phone…check.

Dad told me he thought all of my efforts were unnecessary, but his goal was to make one person happy each day. Yesterday it was my turn.

And it made me happy to think they’d have what they need in the event I can’t get to them for a few days.

And what made me even happier was talking with their neighbor and knowing that he’ll be looking out for them and was willing to crank their generator when and if needed.

Like a good neighbor…well…there’s nothing like a good neighbor. Nothing.

I hope you and yours are well out of the way of the path of this there’s-never-been-a-storm-like-this-one hurricane.

Pray, prepare, then pray some more.


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