Pass the Olio Please

The other day I mentioned that I’d developed PinOlio, and I told you how stupid I was for ordering a patio set that didn’t speak to me.

Let me just say…I was so so wrong.

Not about the stupid part, because I am definitely stupid sometimes…but about the patio set.

I was reading one of the many blogs that I adore yesterday, and the author (sorry I can’t remember which blog it was because I’d send love for their perfect post timing) wrote about taking risks. Getting out of the comfort zone.

And while this set is in my comfort zone…

…it’s not in my wallet zone.

This set is in my wallet zone…

…but not my comfort zone. But here at LaVidaLindsay wallet zone trumps comfort zone every time.

And being out of my comfort zone, I spent quite a bit of time on Olioboard. This go-round I was determined to stay away from the dark and the moody and the bold, though I still adore adore adore those subway art pillows in my last Oilioboard.

I came up with this…

…and I loved the Richloom fabric on those pillows so much that I ordered a few yards of both the floral and the stripe in anticipation of the arrival of the patio furniture.

After much anticipation I got a text yesterday from WalMart letting me know the furniture had arrived. The kids and I rushed out to pick it up, brought it home, and I immediately ripped open the box and put it out on the porch.

I then breathed a huge sigh of relief.

What appeared to be apple green fabric in the photos is more subdued, more sage than apple. And I immediately realized how perfectly it would lend itself to fall and Christmas decor.

(Ignore the skanky rug…that’s a work in progress and one which will be painted to match my Olio vision.)

And as I had suspected the pillows were too monochromatic for my taste and did nothing to tie in my freshly painted red door.

(Ignore the skanky door mat which will be replaced and the pot begging for a plant or two or five.)

But the delivery fairies were on my side yesterday, and late in the afternoon my man in the awesome brown uniform showed up with a package. I ripped it open like a kid on Christmas morning and immediately did a quick test to see if my out-of-my-zone instincts had been right.

And I think they were. Gone was the I’m-just-gonna-fade-into-the-background-wallflower pillows and in its place was the check-me-out pop of color I’d been hoping for. In this photo the door and pillow colors don’t translate well. The door appears more burgundy than red, and the red in the pillow looks a lot more orange than it really is. In real life they compliment each other perfectly.

I’m happy happy dancing! (Don’t watch…it’s downright embarrassing!)

So the kids and I are headed out to the park for a few hours now that the horrible heat wave has broken a bit and we can do something other than soak in the pool, and then we’re going to go pick up some invisible zippers.

Pillow covers here I come!


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