Sometimes Ya’ Get Lucky

Friday I posted about the great deal on the I-don’t-really-love-it-but-it-fits-in-my-budget patio furniture I found at WalMart.

The kids and I picked it up, brought it home, and I proceeded to try to assemble it.

Now…what I’d like you to understand here is that I’m fairly handy. I’ve built furniture…from scratch…using big girl tools and cut-off-a-major-body-part-if-you’re-not-careful saws…from plans I modified for my purposes. I had a major role in building our new porch. And I’m not an assemble-it-yourself-furniture virgin. The storage in my office space consists of quite a few itso cubes. I assembled Lulu’s armoire by myself in a little over an hour.

That being said…I could not put this furniture together. The Hubster…who is handy like me but multiplied by about a thousand times…could not put it together. The only way we could have assembled the set would have been for The Hubster to break out the torches, cut out the center support rods for the seats, shorten them, then weld them back together.

Uhhhh…not happening.

So this morning I loaded all the pieces back into the gargantuan box it came in and returned it to the store. Glutton for punishment that I am, I intended to exchange it. After making sure the pieces in the new box fit together.

One of the guys in the garden center helped me open the first box on the shelf. He helped me open the second box on the shelf. He got the forklift and pulled down boxes three and four from the shelves way up high.

And out of four boxes of pieces and parts, we couldn’t find a loveseat back to fit a single seat assembly. We even tried mixing and matching from different boxes.

Yeah…we had a big ol’ mess out there in the garden center.

And after better than an hour, four boxes were taped back up and put back on the shelves. Which surprised me. Don’t know why…but it did. I even had a conversation with the manager and explained the problem with the sets, and those boxes went back on the shelf anyway.

Now I don’t know if my local WalMart got a bad batch or if all the sets in all the WalMarts in all the world are like this.

What I know is I walked out empty handed.

So much for my bargain patio furniture. I guess it’s true that ya’ get what ya’ pay for.


And for those of you who’re wondering why a thrifty gal like me isn’t checking craigslist and thrift stores and yard sales, let me just say…I am. I have been. I will continue to do so.

But I’ve got the feeling that I used up all my bargain mojo when I scored the amazing outdoor dining table and chairs earlier this season…

…for eighty five bucks.

So I take it back…ya’ don’t always get what ya’ pay for.

Sometimes ya’ get lucky.


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