Math gives me a headache.

I’ve developed a close personal relationship with Advil as I’ve tried to come up with a cost-effective plan for furniture for the front porch since our wicker chairs bit the dust a few weeks back.

The Outdoor Greatroom wicker chairs I crave are out of my price range…as are the less-expensive wicker chairs I found at Carolina Pottery. In the amount of time I’ve spent Googling “clearance all-weather wicker” I could have welded the metal frames and woven the wicker myself if I had a clue as to how to do that sort of thing.

And if I wasn’t already an Ana White fan, her free outdoor furniture plans would have guaranteed her blog a permanent place on my “Must Read Daily” list. Building my own outdoor furniture would be the most budget-friendly option…if I could find budget-friendly cushions.

Yeah…I’m more likely to convince my kids that the toys they see on TV are not nearly as cool or as necessary as they believe.

And then yesterday…while Googling “clearance all-weather wicker” and “clearance discount cheap outdoor cushions” I found this…

…at Walmart. For $149 bucks.

Am I madly in love with it? Uhhh…not really.

But for $149 bucks I can learn to love it. Or at least tolerate it for a while.

At $149 bucks I can afford to buy some fabric to cover those “we’re no where in the realm of your color scheme pillows” and the cushions that several reviewers said are “camel colored”. At $149 bucks I can afford fabric for the outdoor drapes I want to stitch.

The kids and I are headed off to pick up this package. I love that I can order online and pick it up in the store.

I’ll be back to let you know the assembly went, and just how much I love/hate it on initial installation.


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