Mosquito Crack

Do you ever feel like there’s a flashing neon sign over your head?

I do. Mine reads

All You Can Eat

My insect attracting pheromones are so powerful that no repellent made keeps them away for more than an hour. I’m like mosquito crack.

Figures. I couldn’t be Eric Northman crack. Or Bono crack. Or even that hottie-hot werewolf from the Eclipse movies crack. That kid that makes me feel like a sicko granny pervert every time I watch New Moon.

(We’re just going pretend I didn’t share that little tidbit and move on.)

There’s very little that I love dearly enough to expose my Denny’s breakfast bar flesh for more than a hour.

But there is this


the blueberry bush in our back yard. The one that’s produced a bumper crop of berries this year and holds the promise of more.

More Blueberries

Yesterday evening I  picked berries and nourished insects.

I tried to recruit help

but the only thing that gives out faster than my mosquito spray is her attention span.

I put out a big bowl for the kids to snack on

and put twelve pints in the freezer. A pint or so wound up on the ground (round berries tend to roll out of your hand if you’re not super careful), and I ate at least twice that much as I picked. Yep, right off the bush. Bee pee and all.

As I was munching I spied this…

I’m lucky the place was vacant. Otherwise I might have found myself in the middle of a Hitchcock movie.

I’m dreaming of blueberry pancakes and blueberry muffins and blueberry-infused lemonade. My mouth is watering with the idea of blueberry cobbler and blueberry cheesecake and blueberry crumb bars like these I saw on Pinterest…

blueberry crumb bars from The Smitten Kitchen

Deb’s recipes and amazing food shots are a glaring reminder of how far short I fall in the kitchen and behind the camera, but dern if that photo doesn’t inspire me to give the kitchen thing another try.

I’ll check the fire extinguisher before I do.

All You Can Eat


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