The Great Outdoor (Rug) Adventure

Once upon a time we owned a rug…

…one that we picked up from a vendor on the side of the road (yeah..really) for fifty bucks. It was not fancy. It was not high-end. But we had a very small child…

…and felt that “not fancy” and “not high-end” were good qualities to have in a rug that would reside under the dinner table where the aforementioned small child would eat (i.e. “throw”) several meals and snacks a day.

Fast forward nine years, mix in a second child…

…toss in thousands of breakfasts, lunches, and dinners and about a hundred glasses of spilled milk, and that not-fancy and not-high-end rug had to be replaced.

So we brought in a second not-fancy and not-high-end rug…one I found at Lowe’s for sixty bucks. Yeah…that’s me…Big Ol’ Spender.

But I wondered what to do with the old rug. Landfill? Clean it up and donate it? So it hung out patiently, rolled up on the back porch, waiting for the day I would quit procrastinating make up my mind.

That day arrived when I decided our new front porch needed a rug, and I began to wonder if I could re-purpose our old one. I knew that its pattern didn’t coordinate with my vision, and its colors weren’t even distantly related to my newly selected color scheme, but maybe…just maybe…

So I experimented. And I failed. And I experimented some more. And I failed.

And that poor old rug once again lay in limbo.

Until I spied a few DIY rugs on Pinterest, and I realized I’d been experimenting with the wrong side of the rug.

So yesterday…on yet another 102 degree day…I flipped that rug over…

…and grabbed the supplies I’d need for the first part of my painted rug project…

And I rolled. And I sweated. And I rolled and sweated some more. And after about an hour I had the beginnings of a new rug.

As you can clearly see it needs another coat of primer in a few places. This could be a problem…

This can of primer was 3/4 full when I opened it yesterday. Yeah…3/4.

I don’t know if I really need to get the back of this completely white, but I do know I don’t need the pattern bleeding through when I begin painting with color.

So down to the shed I go to see what else I’ve got in my paint stash.

Come back in a couple days to see if I managed to turn this old skanky dining area rug into a front porch floor covering I can be proud of.

Is there something you’ve re-purposed that pleases you immensely? Or hate in its entirety? Have you been inspired to get your DIY mojo on by the Pinterest challenge? Do tell.


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