Destroy Build Destroy

As I contemplated the title for today’s post, I came up with several in addition to the one you see above…

…just to share a few.

After some thought I realized my first instinct was correct. DESTROY an old mini blind. BUILD a new shade with fabric and glue. DESTROY your hope that you’ve discovered a way to transform an old mini blind into a working Roman shade with a back that hides the slats.

Oops…I did it again.

I pulled a few new tricks out of my hat as I put this second shade together, but I’m not going to share them. You’ve seen one failure this week, and that’s enough. No need for you to think I’ve gone from creatively curious to dangerously obsessed. (Note that I’m not denying I’ve gone there, I’m just saying there’s no need for you to think I have.)

You may find it unbelievable, but I’m even less disappointed by this failure than the one on Monday. Yes, I have a silver lining, and it has two layers.

The first is I’ve finally managed to do something with the on-clearance curtains I purchased for Lulu’s room.

Several months ago I found a set of curtains that matched Lulu’s bedspread. Note I said A set. One. Uno. Un. Ein. (You get the point.) And they were on sale. I figured I’d find another set. Somewhere.

Uhhh…didn’t happen. These curtains were on clearance because they were the last set in existence anywhere in the galaxy.

So I decided that since the curtains were long and the windows were short, I’d split them in half and hang half on one window and half on the other.

Uhhh…didn’t happen. The bottom border of these curtains are screened with the ugliest flowers ever printed on fabric anywhere in the galaxy. Looking at them makes my retinas hurt.

Despite the horrendous flowers the curtains possess a few details that I adore…like the polka dots. Like the butterflies. The cute butterflies.

I’ve got some ideas to add a bit of bling to the butterflies, and I promise to post pics when both windows are complete.

The second layer of the silver lining consists of the lessons that I’ve learned as I’ve worked on and contemplated these projects. (And you’ll have to pardon the very rudimentary drawings I’ve made to illustrate these lessons. They’re as ugly as the flowers.)

#1)  The standard mini-blind to Roman shade conversion works.  This is why…

#2) Adding a back to hide the slats does not work. This is why…

When you glue the edges of the back fabric to the edges of the front fabric you create a sandwich. Front & back fabric=bread. Pull strings=ham (turkey, peanut butter, whatever). The pull strings act as a barrier to the folding that’s necessary for a Roman blind.

All you get is pucker.

Great for kissing. Not so great for Roman shades.

And not that I’m obsessing or anything, but I do have one more blind to make. So what I’m wondering is…

Could you essentially create a two-for-one Roman shade? Would each side fold properly (outward…away from the strings)?

Not that I’m obsessing.


Not at all.

I can’t possibly be the only crazy person in the galaxy, the only who allows a simple DIY project to blossom into a syndrome that requires medication. If you leave a comment and let me know about your rubber room moments, I’ll share a straight jacket escape secret.


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