House Amazing: The Set of True Blood

It’s true. I am. Hooked, that is. From the first moment I stumbled upon the HBO series “True Blood” during its inaugural season, I’ve watched over and over…always with the remote in hand so I can pause or rewind to get another look at something that caught my eye.Joe Manganiello as Alcide HerveauxAlexander Skarsgard as Eric NorthmanStephen Moyer as Bill Compton

Now that True Blood has entered its 4th season, I’m still watching with the remote in hand. But there’s a different kind of candy I’m eyeing.

Bill Compton's Renovated Home OfficeBill Compton's Renovated Home OfficeBill Compton's Living Room

The creation of vampire Bill Compton’s sleek and modern plantation (pictured above) from the ruins of his crumbling antebellum manse (pictured below) gives new meaning to the phrase “Before and After”.

No wonder I, who normally had eyes for little but the uber-hunky bad-boy Viking, sat up and took notice. And rewound for another look. And another.

The visionary behind these scrumptious sets is production designer Suzuki Ingerslev, who was recently interviewed by the LA Times. She and Alan Ball, the show’s executive director, are quick to give props to the amazingly talented team who bring those visions into the sphere of reality. (Well, television reality anyway)

Each set is so well designed, so perfectly accessorized, so deeply infused with the essence of the characters they represent that I’ve barely seen them. They’re like the jeans that mold so perfectly to Ryan Kwantan’s thighs that when you see them…and you can’t help but see them…you don’t really see them.

I’ve always had an appreciation for True Blood’s..ahem…scenery. But the recent set changes have magnified that appreciation and given me a whole new set of characters to watch.

So what about you? Are you a Trubie? Or is there another series you simply can’t live without? Seen any great sets? Come on…dish.

(And if you’re wondering about sources for vampire Bill’s transformed rooms shown above…here they are. All credits come courtesy of the LA Times, but I’m reposting them here in the event the linked article is removed…as has been known to happen.)

OFFICE: Desk from Eric Brand Furniture; leather desk chair from Alan Desk; Daytona armchairs in faux crocodile upholstery from 22 Bond St.; glass and chrome side table from Mortise & Tenon; bohemian glass chandelier from LAMF with a custom black silk drum shade; bookshelves and cabinets from H.D. Buttercup; wallcoverings from Astek Wallcovering.

LIVING ROOM: Bruno sofas from Cisco Brothers; chrome and faux marble coffee table from H.D. Buttercupcarpet from the Rug Warehouse in Los Angeles, antique ebony wing back chairs purchased from Design Utopia; white linen side chair from Pampa; table and floor lamps from Mortise & Tenon

FOYER: Mansfield hall table from Craig Olsen; zebra rug purchased on EBay; chandelier from H.D. Buttercup sits in a custom metal sphere by Mortise & Tenoncustom crystal and iron wall sconces from LAMF.


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