Lord of the Dance

One day last week the kids and I arrived home from the pool to find the washing machine in the front yard.

That’s a bit of an exaggeration. It was in the kitchen.

Okay, okay! It was sitting in the middle of the laundry room, about three feet from where it’s supposed to sit. Both the water lines and the electrical cord were stretched tighter than my waistband after Thanksgiving dinner.

My washing machine has long thought itself to be the love child of Michael Flatley and Shakira, but after a recent three foot relocation that delusion had metamorphosed into a complete psychotic break.

So I spent some time searching the Internet for treatment options and discovered this…

Silent FeetMy cheap tightwad frugal self winced at the $39.95 price tag (plus S&H), but I thought that if they performed as promised, I’d save a heap of headache and possibly expensive repairs down the line.

I installed them by myself last night, after moving the machine and cleaning the floor really well (I just did that a few weeks ago when we relocated the machine…how did it get so nasty so quickly?).

The process required quite a bit of grunting, and huffing, and puffing, as well as some sailor-speak, but I got it done. I should have gotten The Hubster to help, but he’d taken Lulu for a spin in the jon boat, and I refused to interrupt their daddy/daughter time. (Mr. Video was at a pool party with some friends.)

There’s an upside and an downside to this fix.

The upside is, after five loads of laundry, the machine is exactly where it was when we started.

Still in Place After Five Loads

(Ignore the dirt on the machine. I do.)

The downside is the lid won’t open completely now.

No Lift Lid

It was a snug fit underneath cabinet doors before, and the slight lift from the silent feet guarantees I’ll be removing those cabinet doors (which are about an inch longer than the bottom of the cabinet) and cutting them down.

The machine still shimmies like Shakira. But it’s no longer lord of the dance.


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