Dreamin’ in Color

I had a horrible dream last night.

I dreamed that while I was out with the girls celebrating my birthday, The Hubster finished the front porch as a “gift”.

As much as I love and adore that man, his idea of decor includes heads of forest creatures that were once alive. I woke bathed in a cold sweat.

I’m firmly convinced the sweat had everything to do with my frustration with the progress (or lack thereof) of our front porch…

Will Wear Giant Hats for Free Booze

…and nothing to do with the strawberry margaritas and the birthday shot of tequila our waiter placed in front of me.  (On rare occasions the younger, wilder, pre-children version of me shows up, and, yes, she will wear giant hats in exchange for free booze.)  I’m very grateful to my girlfriends for a wonderful evening out…so grateful that I don’t mind (much) that the grainy photo above comes courtesy of Facebook where they shared this moment in nearly real time.

Ahhh…the age of technology…

The result of this panic-inducing dream is that I sat down this morning to find inspiration for my final porch plan.

I love the red that Susan at Between Naps on the Porch coated her front door with. And while my porch is a little larger, this photo is making me wonder if I should change out my faded, sorta kinda red front door for something more vibrant.

This Flickr photo by Jennifer Aitkens caught my eye. I’m adoring that hanging wall basket…

…and only hope that my newly planted baskets thrive half as well.

This Country Living photo (discovered at Musings of a Nightowl) makes me ache for the space to hang a swing and for gauzy curtains that would lend a bit of privacy.

My heart goes bumpity-bump when I look at this clock even though I think that hanging on the porch should be a relaxing-let’s-forget-about-the-time-and-just-watch-the-world-go-by experience. But this photo from Patio Ideas reminds me I need to hit the Buy One Get One sale at my local nursery this weekend.

Found this lovely spot on HGTV’s Rate My Space. This robin’s egg blue retreat belongs to FabuluzDec, and though blue isn’t a color I naturally gravitate toward, this looks like a perfect spot for enjoying a glass of sweet iced tea.

This table is something out of my I-wish-I’d-done-this file. Decormania posted lots of pics of her citrus green and black/white space on Rate My Space, and each one is “ahhh-inspiring”.

After seeing nwdnanny’s monogrammed pillow, I’ve decided I have to have a personalized pillow or two of my own.

I’m so in love with nwdnanny’s Arts & Crafts style porch, one photo-share wasn’t enough for me. I’ve got a thing for red doors to begin with, and when you pair it with a gray deck, tons of ferns, and a monogram or two…I think I’ve got a porch crush.

I think I sprained an optic nerve oogling this one. Concrete that looks like anything but concrete…I’m indulging in one of the seven deadlies right about now…

And speaking of flooring, a slate floor just slays me. I don’t know why that is, and I know that I’ll probably never have a slate space of my own, but a girl can dream, can’t she?

One of the things I’ve noticed as I’ve drooled all over my keyboard is that I’m a sucker for mixed pattern combinations…flowers, solids, stripes…all jumbled up. Mixing patterns is something I suck at. So a hearty thank you to all the textile designers who produce collections with tons of fabrics that work together.

Though I’m envisioning a lounging space and not a dining space, Ohioluxe’s outdoor dining room wowed me. Did you see the wall art? The chandelier? The Hubster would totally be down with that. Ooh-la-la.

Mirror mirror on the wall. I love this. Love love love this. Forgive the lack of credit I’m about to give this photo, but for some reason (sensory overload perhaps after all the porch peeking) I failed to notate where I snagged it from. If you’ve seen this space and know who it belongs to (maybe it’s you, you lucky lucky outdoor space dwelling human), leave me a comment. I’ll be sure to link properly.

I could truly spend months of my life oogling other people’s spaces. And there are a least a hundred more photos that made my eyes pop and my envy gene itch…and that means you Mr. I-Have-A-Brand-New-Arts-and-Crafts-Inspired-Back-Porch-Overlooking-My-Brand-New-Pool. (The porch screams my name more than the pool, but I am a sucker for a pool…no matter how big or little, fancy or plain. Give me a pair of goggles so my contacts don’t wash out and I’m ten all over again.)

So…what have I learned during my three-hour-tour?

1) I’m a sucker for Craftsman bungalows. If by some twist of fate we ever build a home, it will definitely have an arts and crafts flavor.

2) I’m a sucker for anything red. This I knew. It’s my favorite color and may have had some not-so-small influence on the university I attended.

3) I’m also a sucker for blue and green. And wicker.

4) I like the spaces that look like they came straight out of a Pottery Barn or West Elm catalog as well as more eclectic spaces. A huge order from PB or West isn’t in the checkbook (heavy sigh) so I’ll be going for an eclectic combination of pieces.

Currently my porch’s color scheme consists of colors that have no color.

Not exactly the “hey, come on in, we’re glad you’re here” vibe I’d like my porch to project. It’s more prison garb than anything else.

And here’s the color combination I’m thinking would work for the porch…(and for those of you out there who know more about color and putting it together, please feel free to comment and give me some guidance!)…

Now exactly how I’m going to incorporate these colors remains to be seen.

The front door will go from it’s current “I Think I’m Supposed To Be Cranberry” color to Pomegranate (is it strange that I’m attracted to colors named after food?), and I’m sure I’ll pull in some more of that eye-popping red with a few throw pillows.  I’m thinking I’ll Blindfold whatever seating I wind up with (still looking!), and pull in the blues and greens as colors in flower pots and other accessories.

Once again, comments, suggestions and advice are welcome as are links to picture-perfect porches I may have overlooked. I’d love to see yours.


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