My New Best-est Friend

If I were a cash register I’d be going, “Cha-ching! Cha-ching!” right now.

(Nope, didn’t win the lottery…again!)

But I did get…count ‘em with me…one, two, three, four, five things off my Front Porch To Do List done today.

And I still had time for a lengthy dip at the pool with Lulu.

Go me-ah…go me-ah…go me-ah.

Pardon the excessively giddy giddiness.

I’m just so gosh dern happy right now.

And…as if five things off my list isn’t enough to make me happy dance in a way that has people worrying I’m gonna swallow my tongue……I have a new best-est friend…

Bosch Variable Speed Random Orbital Sander

And if you think having a power tool as my new best friend makes me weird…let me just  say…it’s not the tool that does that.

It’s the DNA.

I’ve been wanting a random orbital sander since…well…like since forever.

But I was a little afraid. I mean, these babies aren’t terribly expensive, but they’re not free either.

And I hesitated because I wasn’t sure what the experience would be like. A session with my little mouse sander leaves my entire upper body numb and tingly for days. And The Hubster’s belt sander? If it were any more aggressive they’d saddle it and ride it at the rodeo.

But this baby…even a five year old can use it…

Future DIY-er in Training

…while wearing a dress and heels.

I’m not going to spend an entire post waxing poetic about just how much I heart this variable speed random orbital sander that I picked up for less than seventy bucks. I’m not write a sonnet about how I ordered it online and picked it up at the store twenty minutes later. I’m not gonna brag about how Ebates is gonna give me 5% of my purchase price back in August…just in time for a final summer fling with the family.

I am gonna tell ya’ how it’s transformed me from a woman who’d rather rip out her molars with rusty pliers than sand anything into a woman who can power through this ugly wood filler job…

Ugly Wood Filler Job

…in under three minutes.

Smooth As A Baby's Behind

And those decking boards? Babies are complaining that the new phrase is now “Smoother than Lea’s decking boards”.

Yeah. My new best-est friend.

So how about you? Have you got a best friend tool? One you can’t live without? Share, share, share. I’m wondering what else is out there that should be on my Must Have Tool List.



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