I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

I’m a Beatles fan…hence today’s post title. But I’m a bigger fan of my BFFWWW (Best Freakin’ Friend in the Whole Wide World) and her wonderful hubby. Their company guarantees a good time, lots of laughter, scrump-dill-lee-ish-us food, and, on occasion, completion of a much overdue project.

With their assistance during this crazy, overly-scheduled, too-many-people-in-and-out-and-over-here-all-weekend, we managed to go from this…

The Porch...The Porch...The Porch is Falling Down

…to this….

The Beginning of the Beginning

(Disclaimer: The “Before” photo isn’t really accurate. I had gotten the concrete footers poured, and The Hubster and I had gotten the permanent posts in place. I just can’t find that photo.)

It’s hard to believe, but it’s been two and a half months since Demolition Day. The time lapse was due to The Hubster’s crazy, hectic, too-many-things-planned schedule, and his insistence that I not nail a single nail or screw a single screw without him.

I can’t say this is the easiest, most pleasant experience I’ve ever had. It wasn’t. There were cross words (between The Hubster and I…astounding, I know!), and blown tires on borrowed trailers loaded with lumber, and multiple trips to Lowe’s. Construction took a backseat to hosting three separate cook-outs (it was Memorial Day weekend after all!), and what seemed to be a never-ending flow of people in and out of our house. (We love each and every one of you!)

But by Monday evening I no longer looked out my front door to face a four foot drop. (In reality, it’s only a two and a half foot drop, but when you’re five six and nothing, it feels like four feet!)

The only real casualty of the weekend? Our brick steps. All I’ll say about them is this…Mr. PH (Previous Homeowner) constructed them, and it is NOT advisable to use broken bricks and shattered cement blocks as the inner support structure for masonry. The fact that my big behind hadn’t collapsed those things prior to this weekend is tangible evidence that God looks out for children, old people, and fools. (I’ll let you decide for yourself which of those categories I fall into.)

We’ve still got tons of work to do…painting, staining, lattice (so wild critters don’t make a home beneath our porch), trim detail, more painting.

You get the idea.

I’m just glad my UPS man has a porch to leave my packages on now. I felt silly picking up boxes he put on the steps that led to no where.


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